Pubdate: Wed, 23 Feb 2011
Source: Montana Standard (Butte, MT)
Copyright: 2011 Montana Standard
Author: Brad Comer


It simply amazes me that the folks we elect to represent us feel as
though they in fact own us.

As I understand it the Montana Medical Marijuana Act is under threat
of repeal. It is well known that the act came about by way of the
voters, not submitted by an individual or group of legislatures, but
by petition and thereby public demand.

In our democratic society, a law created by the people should be seen
to our representatives as the word of God, not something they can
repeal or modify without putting their proposed changes back onto the

In 2004, Montanans voted for a very simple law, one that allowed for
folks with debilitating conditions to be able to use cannabis
medicinally without fear of prosecution. In order to ensure that these
legitimate users were not prosecuted, the creation of a registry was
included in the original initiative.

This is all that we voted for, a simple, effective law that protects
the ones it was intended to protect, the patients.

Please leave our laws alone or send it back to us to let us reiterate
to you that we want medicinal cannabis!

Brad Comer

2055 Harrison Ave

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