Pubdate: Wed, 09 Mar 2011
Source: Winnipeg Free Press (CN MB)
Copyright: 2011 Matthew Lindquist
Author: Matthew Lindquist

Letter of the day:


I believe that Clarence Davis in his March 7 letter is mistaken when 
he states that the majority of Winnipeggers "don't care how the 
police do (things)." He is probably correct in that the majority of 
people want drug dealers off the street. (I would like to see his 
statistics, though, if he is going to generalize to that extent.)

However, when we begin to give our police carte blanche to simply act 
without any regard for the rules of law that we as a society have 
chosen for particular reasons, we are treading down a dangerous path. 
Ask the people in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia or any other country where 
the police had authority to do whatever they want how this worked for them.

The point surrounding this case is that if the officers were willing 
to go to unethical or downright illegal means to secure their arrest, 
what is to stop them from doing so in the future? I appreciate that 
Davis wants to feel safe on the streets and in his home. I, however, 
would feel less safe if the police had the authority to come in to my 
house, apartment or hotel room and do whatever they want to put me in jail.


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