Pubdate: Wed, 09 Mar 2011
Source: Montana Standard (Butte, MT)
Copyright: 2011 Montana Standard
Author: Larry C. Gaffaney


To the legislator who said should we have crack on demand ... As long
as you keep it illegal that is exactly what you have. The same with
marijuana. If you keep it illegal drug dealers don't ask for Id's.
Caregivers ask for the ID's first thing off. No ID no drugs simple as

To repeal the marijuana act based on false information, and ignorance
is counter productive.

Obviously, lawmakers have done no self-educating, on the history and
failure of prohibition, and the government interest in keeping a $50
billion drug war going to support there so called war on terrorism.

Why don't they who voted to repeal the marijuana act realize that the
drug war has been going on since Nixon was president?

And there are more and better drugs available now than there ever was
because it is very profitable for the biggest drug dealer, the United
States government.

Check it out, the Taliban hated opium (heroin) so Afghanistan didn't
have any, we invade and now Afghanistan is producing 80 percent of the
world's heroin that eventually makes it to America and Montana.

Too bad our legislators don't do some homework before they open their
mouths and show their total ignorance.

One final note, to go against the will of the people of the state of
Montana is unacceptable.

I call on the people who use marijuana for pain; don't let uninformed
people tell you what you can or can't use to help you with your pain.
The medical industry and pharmaceutical companies sure can't help you.
I have put my faith in the medical industry for six months and I have
more pain now than when I started, plus I'm coming off two morphine

Vote and show up in Helena and stand up for your rights.

A very disappointed Montana citizen.

Larry C. Gaffaney

Deer Lodge
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