Pubdate: Wed, 09 Mar 2011
Source: Bozeman Daily Chronicle (MT)
Copyright: 2011 The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Author: Cheryl Pompper


Kudos to the Bozeman Chronicle for the recent editorial on medical
cannabis. They were correct in saying I-148 should be fixed not
repealed. To have a bill repealed that was voted in by Montanans says
our representatives are working on their own personal agendas and not
listening to the people that voted them into office.

Here's a chance to fix a law that was passed several years ago and
make it work for people who actually use medical cannabis for health
reasons and a better quality of life.

Passing HB-161 will only push cannabis back into the underground world
with no controls.

A member of my family (college-educated) is part of a cannabis
corporation in the area. This one medical cannabis business has put
close to $1 million into the Bozeman area. Year round, they employ
nearly 20 taxpaying people. They rent several offices and their
employees are local, so they pay rent, buy groceries, dine out, shop,

This one business (and many more, I'm sure), their employees and the
money they generate and spend locally will be leaving Montana to seek
work elsewhere if HB-161 passes. Montana has felt the recession and
there are not a lot of jobs available. The local economy has had a
huge boost as electricians, construction workers, gardening supply
stores, etc., have all benefited. I haven't met anyone that is
directly or indirectly affected by the medical cannabis industry who
complains when they deposit money in their banks.

Is it smarter to fix the loopholes in the present law or lose tens of
millions of dollars spent locally by people involved in medical
cannabis businesses? I urge everyone to call their senators and
governor to express to them exactly what the Bozeman Chronicle said,
"Fix it, don't repeal it." No on HB 161.

Cheryl Pompper

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