Pubdate: Mon, 21 Mar 2011
Source: Bozeman Daily Chronicle (MT)
Copyright: 2011 The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Author: Aubrey Hancock


Dear Legitimate Caregivers,

I'd just like to express my deepest gratitude for your efforts in
spearheading this tremendously controversial movement that,
consequently, has provided multitudes of severely and terminally ill
patients the possibility to treat their symptoms in a medically
proven, humane and affordable manner.

You would never refuse to post your costs to the public (shame on you,
Gov. Schweitzer). In fact, when the market started to flood with
product, some of you actually dropped your prices in order to extend
those benefits to the consumer. When's the last time any
pharmaceutical company made such a gesture?

It's a shame and an outrage that the same people that demand
limitations on government when it suits them have insisted that the
feds become involved in this particular question. Apparently, we're
still a long way from establishing ourselves as a community of
intelligent, moderate and reasonable human beings. I only hope that
while your facilities are being turned over from top to bottom that
those who provoked this situation will be honest enough to foot the
bill for the increased cost of care for the thousands of patients
currently being treated for terminal illness in our state.

Thank you sincerely,

Aubrey Hancock

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