Pubdate: Fri, 25 Mar 2011
Source: Daily Evergreen, The (Washington State U, WA Edu)
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Author: Jeff Hanson



I'd like to express and opinion regarding Cougar basketball player
DeAngelo Casto and his recently earned charges of possession of
marijuana. I'll start by saying I think marijuana should be legal,
having used it regularly when I was this young man's age I think
everyone has the right to make themselves lazy and stupid as much as
people have a right to get stupid drunk. Here is the real deal and why
Bill Moos and Ken Bone have failed. I as a fan feel totally
disrespected by this man as should the team ,his coach and this
institution. The legal issues do not matter to me, I don't care if he
is found guilty or innocent. After all that has occurred regarding
marijuana this season I feel what Mr. Casto said to all of us when he
sat down and rolled a joint was FU I'll do what I want and I don't
care how it affects my team or its fans, they don't need me anyway.
DeAngelo pack your bags and head off to Europe or wherever else you
wish to go, I don't need you representi! ng my cougs now or in the

Jeff Hanson

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