Pubdate: Mon, 28 Mar 2011
Source: State Journal-Register (IL)
Copyright: 2011 The State Journal-Register
Author: Dan Linn


In response to the letter against medical cannabis: It is should be
noted that cannabis was one of the most widely used medications prior
to it becoming illegal in 1937.

Racist bigots who were protecting big industries like forestry for
paper production and a newly immerging synthetic fiber market made
cannabis and hemp illegal. The letter writer should look into the
history of cannabis prohibition before making such outlandish claims
such as the "bill has nothing to do with the medical treatment of
serious illness."

Cannabis should be legal for everyone, but lawmakers are not
considering that; they are considering allowing doctors to recommend
this natural substance for people with specific ailments. If we trust
our doctors to prescribe the plethora of narcotics that are advertised
everywhere, then we should also trust them to suggest using a plant
for people who are not getting the treatment that is needed for the

Letter writer Kirk Boyenga seems to think that allowing sick people to
use a plant will somehow worsen the financial state of our state and
that just doesn't make sense. I know many medical cannabis patients
who are on disability who, if allowed to use medical cannabis, might
be able to work and pay taxes on their income; therefore, wouldn't
that help the state's finances?

All in all, medical cannabis is a safe alternative for treating many
conditions and shouldn't be denied because of misinformation and a
lack of understanding of the history of this useful plant. How scary
can a plant really be?

Dan Linn

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