Pubdate: Mon, 28 Mar 2011
Source: Kamloops Daily News (CN BC)
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Author: Russell Barth


Re: If You Want a Spiritual High, Go to Church.

In his comments about salvia, S. Klein ignores a number of

1) Prohibition will make salvia more available to kids, not less
available. This is a fact as indisputable as the shape of the planet.

2) Sold in stores, the product has some measure of quality control,
and the vendors, unlike dealers, refuse to sell it to kids. What
happens after it leaves the store is not their problem.

3) Salvia is non-toxic, non-addictive, and not fun enough to be used
more than a few times, even by people who liked it. The government
basically banned it because it is "fun," not because it poses any real
danger to users or society.

4) Church isn't exactly for everyone. The use of mind-altering plants
predates all religions, so using plants to "see God" is far more valid
a spiritual pursuit than chanting and singing in a building.

Finally, Klein's letter eloquently illustrates the quote he attributed
to me about the overall scale of Canadian stupidity. Unable to
comprehend how and why prohibition is outrageously counterproductive,
and unable to figure out how to use Google to find out some actual
facts, he merely insults people who don't agree with his archaic views
(typical prohibitionist tactic), and tells Canadians to stop thinking
outside the box and just accept the government's rules, no matter how

But if we accept that the government can arbitrarily tell us what we
can and cannot do with our own bodies and minds, then we must accept
their ownership. That means the government owns us all - like pets,
cattle, or slaves - and that we have only the rights that they grant.
Anyone willing to accept that deserves no rights.

Russell Barth

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