Pubdate: Wed, 30 Mar 2011
Source: Missoulian (MT)
Copyright: 2011 Missoulian
Author: Gail McLean


When I attended the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing recently I was
once again in the majority, at least 5 to 1 in opposition of HB161,
the repeal of medical cannabis.

On Monday, March 14, federal agents swept through Montana targeting
and destroying some of the largest, most successful cannabis
dispensaries and stealing the money they had in bank accounts. I
recognized some of the names and faces as people who had testified
before the Montana Legislature, and some were actually involved in
trying to help craft workable legislation.

The message from this action are clear: If you speak up, if you are a
successful business person, and if you disagree with the proponents of
HB161, the government will come in, destroy your business and steal
your money and possibly incarcerate you.

The reefer madness bleating and mewling from the proponents of HB161
are responsible for this, and I firmly believe this is a direct
attempt by the federal government to manipulate and control our
legislative process.

Montana senators, it is up to you to defend our freedom. Do let this
influence your decision by telling the proponents of HB161 that you
don't appreciate them calling in the feds to fight their battles for

This is also the exact reason we will never give up until cannabis is
completely legal, one state at a time for every person for every reason.

Gail McLean, Columbia Falls 
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