Pubdate: Wed, 30 Mar 2011
Source: Montana Standard (Butte, MT)
Copyright: 2011 Montana Standard
Author: Jacques Boulet


The new medical marijuana bill passed to the Montana Senate floor is
nothing more than over-complicated obfuscation. It was built on a few
moral ideas with the intent of repealing what a minor Republican
majority could not do when Montana's spoke their majorative truth already.

Having heard the post reading and testimonial questioning firsthand,
it poses so many legal issues with the federal government. For
example, inculpating the good state of Montana in many federal
contexts, the true intent, causing so much trouble with federal law,
is to have the medical marijuana plan the majority of Montanan's hoped
for quashed altogether with all rights abrogated.

It presumes a business in America can operate on a non-profit

It presumes medical marijuana patients can do without their medicine
for 90 days while the government presumably rescinds and resets what
is through to be right for those in need.

It presumes almost 30,000 suffering patients do not need the care they
now have.

It presumes that there will be no increase activity 'made illegal'
during this Stalinist purging period, that there will be no illegal
acquisition of medicine by those who truly are suffering.

I assume this is to prove all medical marijuana smokers are criminals

If Montanans allow this law to be passed through the Senate, Montanans
will get just what they deserve.

I have more faith in Montana and its people than that.

True we need a better regulatory system but Montanans deserve more
than a weak, one-week fabrication built on sour grapes by Republicans
who won't be around come next election.

Maybe this is good enough reason to tread heavily on the rights of
deserving Montanan's, maybe not. If it were up to me I would think
reviewing old tar and feather laws might be in order.

Jacques Boulet

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