Pubdate: Thu, 31 Mar 2011
Source: Daily Evergreen, The (Washington State U, WA Edu)
Copyright: 2011 WSU Student Publications Board
Author: Charles Rollins



The fact that Bill Moos lifted DeAngelo Casto's suspension and that
Ken Bone started him just goes to show that I am not the only person
who thinks you should not be punished for possessing marijuana. We can
all see that the most harmful thing about marijuana is its illegality,
along with the negative stigma associated with its use.

In a Letter to the Editor, Jeff Hanson said marijuana makes you lazy.
I do not think I need to point out the hypocrisy of both being a
basketball player and being lazy, but you have given me no choice.
Casto is not showing a lack of respect for the university - he is
showing a lack of respect for the war on drugs, which I applaud.

In another letter, Britni Freiboth complained about the negative press
covering the incident. She had the opportunity to make it positive but
instead chose to contribute to the negativity. If marijuana were
legal, we would not have received any press. Everyone would have slept
well that night.

One of marijuana's many medicinal benefits is the alleviation of
anxiety. Do not demonize Casto for trying to reduce the enormous
stress and pressure we all place on him.

It is time for a serious discussion about marijuana. I want you to ask
yourself two questions: What do you think about marijuana? Do you
think people should go to jail for using it? I will be collecting
signatures for Washington State Initiative 1149 in the Compton Union
Building on Wednesdays and Thursdays for the remainder of the school
year. If you can help, contact me.

Charles Rollins senior, environmental science

President, Students for Sensible Drug Policy 
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