Pubdate: Mon, 04 Apr 2011
Source: Daily Sentinel, The (Grand Junction, CO)
Copyright: 2011 Cox Newspapers, Inc.
Author: Holly Owen Thoele


Voters who oppose medical marijuana dispensaries in Grand Junction are
wrongly focused on the effects of pot on children. Licensed
dispensaries do not sell marijuana to underage users. Voting to ban
medical sales of marijuana in stores to save youngsters from pot use
is misguided. Worse, it is unfair to legal adults who find relief in
its alternative treatment.

Current regulations for medical marijuana dispensaries are more than
adequate to prevent purchases by adolescents. Every patient is
required to be registered with the state of Colorado and to provide
proof of eligibility at every purchase. Video cameras record each
transaction and law enforcement has unlimited access to records.

Well-regulated sales of marijuana actually provide more positive
benefits for our most vulnerable citizens. Children, teens and other
unlicensed users are prevented from buying marijuana, and those in the
poorest health have safe access to natural relief without the use of
heavy prescription drugs.

Medical marijuana dispensaries also provide enormous relief for local
taxpayers. Unlike other forms of legal medicine, marijuana is subject
to taxation. Income from dispensaries has the potential to
significantly reduce taxes in Grand Junction.

Sadly, marijuana is still freely available on the black market.
Banning state-sanctioned dispensaries will not keep kids from buying
pot. It only forces legal patients to go underground to obtain relief.

State-sanctioned dispensaries are providing protection and comfort for
our severely ill and disabled citizens while pumping needed tax
dollars into Grand Junction's floundering economy. A vote of "No" on
city Referred Measure A is both compassionate and wise.


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