Pubdate: Thu, 07 Apr 2011
Source: Daily News, The (Longview, WA)
Copyright: 2011 The Daily News
Author: Esther Esson


A city councilman with reservations about the legal selling and
monitoring of this herbal medication was quoted as saying "Being a
drug free community is more important than anything else." My gosh, I
am a stay at home granny and I know better than that. I lived not even
four miles out of town and was afraid to stay because of meth dealers
and gunshots (not by police) in the area.

I moved into town. I just deleted a whole paragraph on illegal major
drug activity I personally have witnessed. It is obvious that two
houses out of five on this block are drug houses. In front of the
deli, just blocks from where Chief Painter was murdered, police
arrested a drugged out man whi had been seen running down the street
with a huge knife. Legal, monitored pot does not make people crazy.
Illegally obtained, abused, and unmonitored drugs do.

I would advise some members of the city council to talk to their
police department before making such a politically correct but
misinformed comment. Rainier is not a drug-free town. Due to the
urging of my daughter, I am leaving this community.

Esther Esson

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