Pubdate: Sun, 17 Apr 2011
Source: Billings Gazette, The (MT)
Copyright: 2011 The Billings Gazette
Author: Ronald Dyson


Republicans are pushing our children into the arms of criminals. It is
well known that marijuana is a young person's drug, and most teenagers
experiment with it. By destroying the medical marijuana industry,
Republicans are throwing away millions of dollars and pushing cannabis
back onto the black market, a criminal enterprise that leads our
children to much worse things. Today, they go to a dispensary and
enjoy legal protection. If the Republicans have their way, our kids
will be forced into the shadows, into the underground. If they are
caught with marijuana, they go to jail and it goes on their permanent
record, affecting their future. If marijuana becomes vilified again,
it will look even more attractive to children who are looking to be
different. Since Republicans killed medical marijuana, the kids will
have to go see the local drug dealer who will try to get them to
engage in criminal behavior and introduce them to hard drugs like
cocaine and meth.

A few bigoted individuals are responsible for this mess, but we can
let them know that tyranny will not be tolerated.

Ronald Dyson

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