Pubdate: Sun, 17 Apr 2011
Source: Montana Standard (Butte, MT)
Copyright: 2011 Montana Standard
Author: William Reid


Today is a very sad day. As a medical marijuana caregiver, it is
always sad to read in the obituaries that one of your patients has
died from the debilitating effects of cancer. I watched her struggle
with her disease for the better part of a year.

She never complained or showed any sign of ill will toward anyone. She
never complained even when she was so weak that she could barely walk
into our store to purchase the cannabis that allowed her to combat the
constant nausea that she suffered throughout her illness.

She never complained when she read almost daily in The Billings
Gazette that she was being demonized and accused of criminal behavior
for medicating with marijuana to alleviate the suffering she endured.

She never spoke an ill word against those who call themselves
"Christians" and systematically try to repeal the law that allowed her
to medicate with cannabis. She gracefully endured the insulting
accusations by the group "Safe Community, Safe Kids" who constantly
insinuated that her medical cannabis was somehow harming school
children. This gentle spirit has gone to a place where she will be
judged for her valor and her inner beauty that radiated to all who
knew her.

It is ironic that in the very same publication of The Billings Gazette
that her obituary appeared, a member of the Safe Community, Safe Kids
group had printed an urgent appeal to call the governor and urge him
to sign the medical marijuana repeal bill.

I am guessing that there is a special set of rules for judging people
who are so intolerant, judgmental, uncompassionate and quick to
condemn other members of our community. I hope to witness the event
when those rules are applied.

William Reid

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