Pubdate: Sat, 07 May 2011
Source: Bozeman Daily Chronicle (MT)
Copyright: 2011 The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Author: Misty Carey


What if pot (cannabis) cures cancer? Well, it could. The first study
showing that cannabis killed cancer cells was published in 1973. Since
then, thousands of studies have proven that cannabis kills prostate,
lung, breast, brain and skin cancer cells ... more than 15 kinds of
cancer. And unlike chemotherapy, the plant material does not destroy
every cell but initiates a cancer cell suicide cascade that leaves
healthy cells intact.

For two whole weeks in March, the National Cancer Institute (NCI)
website plainly stated that cannabis showed anti-tumor properties and
physicians should consider it for cancer treatment in addition to
symptom management. Then the NCI's statement was abruptly altered to
reflect the federal government's stance on cannabis - Schedule I: no
medical value, highly addictive, no research. The political reasons
for this federal scheduling are multi-faceted and socially corrupt.

Then why not just use Marinol or other synthetic cannabinoids, listed
as Schedule III drugs? Marinol is laboratory-produced THC, the most
psychoactive molecule in cannabis.

These synthetics are very expensive and don't work for most

Patients gain relief from the interaction of the more than 400
chemicals in the whole plant. Actually, our medical marijuana
scientists are trying to reduce THC in our naturally produced cannabis
to reduce the psychoactive effect and bring out the plant's other qualities.

Some citizens are stridently opposed to Montana's medical marijuana
program and want to shut us down. I do hope that some true cannabis
healers are still around when you, your mother, your sister, your best
friend, or your child is diagnosed with cancer. I pray that your time
of crisis isn't the first time that you care enough to learn more.
Other people need help now. Politicians are not scientists. Trust in

Misty Carey

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