Pubdate: Tue, 17 May 2011
Source: Martinsburg Journal (WV)
Contact:  2011 Martinsburg Journal
Author: John Miller


I feel it would be helpful to go into further detail regarding
marijuana prohibition, as it has been a topic of the Journal Junction

Marijuana has been widely recognized in recent years not as a "demon
plant" (whatever that is) but as a heavily misunderstood resource with
a variety of uses dating back thousands of years. Its original
prohibition was not based on any scientific or medical observation,
but was instead purely politically and racially motivated. Fear and
manipulation have kept it at bay.

The problems of prohibition have become obvious. Our justice system
and prisons are now clogged with nonviolent users rather than being
used for dangerous criminals. Our money and resources have been wasted
on trying to outlaw a plant, and millions of people's lives and
families have been ruined far more by prohibition than by use of the
plant itself. Yet the most important thing to note about prohibition
is that it simply doesn't work.

There are important potential benefits of the plant as well.
tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient in marijuana, has,
incredibly, been found in the past several years to inhibit cancerous
tumor growth rather than incite it, and, in recreational use, it's
been long understood to be one of the only commonly used substances on
which you cannot overdose.

Abusers of any substance have been found likely to have started on the
true "gateway drug," cigarettes. Alcohol is immensely more
destructive, causing violent tendencies, loss of inhibitions (which
marijuana actually reinforces) and extensive bodily harm over time.
Yet these substances, which lack any redeeming medicinal and
industrial value, are legal because of one thing: money.

Do not be afraid to think for yourself. Please do some objective
research and realize the dangerous hypocrisy of marijuana prohibition.

John Miller

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