Pubdate: Thu, 19 May 2011
Source: Maple Ridge News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2011 Maple Ridge News
Author: Todd Lumley


Editor, The News:

Re: MLA wants stronger rules for medical marijuana (The News, May 18).

Marc Dalton , you fail to mention that the very reason we have these
types of violent crimes being committed against permit holders is
because we already have an over-regulated system, and it's called

If we were to implement a legalized and regulated system for cannabis
similar to alcohol, we could let an open and competitive market bring
down the over-inflated prices we now have with cannabis on the streets.

By devaluing the current prices through a consistent and safe reliable
source of cannabis, you will see these types of crimes disappear
overnight. Just like when alcohol prohibition was repealed, the street
gangs lost a huge portion of their cash profits and their power
quickly began to fade away.

The only solution to the violent and dangerous crimes being caused by
the prohibition of cannabis is to repeal the prohibition of cannabis
now. More regulations will only bring more dangers into our
communities. Let's face it, this herb isn't ever going away and the
people's love for it is only going to grow.

By the way. Mr. Dalton, accusations are easy to throw around, but
until you have proof to back them up, I suggest you stop the
fear-mongering lies and begin to listen to people like Michael
Joinson, who are directly involved with the medical marijuana program.

Todd Lumley

Sarnia, Ontario
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