Pubdate: Sun, 22 May 2011
Source: Bozeman Daily Chronicle (MT)
Copyright: 2011 The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Author: Karen Bryan


If there is a drug out there that takes away all your chronic pain,
has no side effects and you can't overdose from it, then there is a
drug that has horrible side effects and doesn't take away the pain and
you have to be very careful when taking it because you could overdose
on it and die and it is also very addictive: Which one would you want
to take?

Oh, that's right. They just changed our law voted by the people and
took away our rights for our choice of medication, so now we will not
be able to get our medication. The changes they made will keep people
from being able to get it.

One thing I have not heard is that a lot of doctors cannot legally
prescribe marijuana because they work with the federal government and
because it is a federal law. They could lose the right to accept
Medicare and other federal programs.

Don't you wonder why our president, governors, senators and
congressmen want to keep marijuana illegal? Could it be all the money
they get from the pharmaceutical companies? These companies are very
powerful and they have been very good at putting fear in people about
marijuana. You know, Reefer Madness. They would lose billions if it
became legal.

Our government officials don't care about the people; they only care
about their pockets. If they did care, marijuana would be legal in all
states. We need to make it legal. Shame on you, Gov. Schweitzer, for
not vetoing the new law.

Karen Bryan

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