Pubdate: Sun, 29 May 2011
Source: Telegraph, The (Nashua, NH)
Copyright: 2011 Telegraph Publishing Company
Author: Sarah Levesque


If the definition of hypocrisy is saying one thing while doing 
another, then the New Hampshire Senate showed the epitome of 
hypocrisy earlier this month when it tabled HB 442, the medical marijuana bill.

With a supermajority of Republicans consisting of 19 out of 24 
members, the Senate should have had plenty of power to override any 
governor's veto. The Republican Party has repeatedly stated that 
President Barack Obama's health care law is unacceptable because it 
puts the government between the doctor and the patient.

By tabling this bill, senators chose to keep the government between 
the doctor and the patient by dropping the ball on the medical bill 
that would allow the doctors to decide what medicine works best for 
their patients.

They should have at least had the decency to stand up for their 
convictions and been held accountable; instead they cowered behind 
the threat of Gov. John Lynch's veto.

By forcing people to choose between suffering and breaking the law, 
you are promoting disrespect for the law and those who enforce it.

The governor and all the senators who voted to table this bill should 
be ashamed of themselves.

Sarah Levesque

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