Pubdate: Thu, 09 Jun 2011
Source: Victoria Times-Colonist (CN BC)
Copyright: 2011 Times Colonist
Author: Marnie O'Neil


Re: "Gangs using medical licences to traffic marijuana, police say," June 4.

I would like to address the propaganda around the "number of plants"
and medical marijuana. Farmers do not plant one carrot in preparation
for fall yield. Marijuana is not easy to grow. It takes time to
produce a healthy return of an effective strain. Plants die. Cuttings
and juveniles are included in the numbers cited by police.

Patients have to consider the cycle of growth to ensure medication is
consistently available. It is a significant investment financially,
physically and spiritually.

For those living with chronic pain, incurable progressive or fatal
diseases, hope and purpose play key roles in quality of life. The
number of plants required to produce effective medicinal products
(massage oil, etc.) is not taken into account by Health Canada.

Spend time with people in pain, dying, watching their bodies decay
before their eyes. Learn the safe, effective manner which marijuana
calms and controls their symptoms with no complicated side effects,
like no other options available.

There will be abuse, but take a look at our "legal and safe"
medication. Many of us have more prescriptions than needed in our cupboards.

 From those of us following the rules and still being harassed and
lumped in with "gangs" for potentially having more plants than
indicated on a licence, shame on Health Canada, police forces and the
media for perpetuating propaganda and making patients increasingly ill
by adding to the stress which is so deadly for them.

Marnie O'Neil

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