Pubdate: Wed, 08 Jun 2011
Source: Montana Standard (Butte, MT)
Copyright: 2011 Montana Standard
Author: Sarah Baugh


I am a 26-year-old epileptic medical cannabis patient. I've been 
seizure-free following a decade of failed modern treatments for the 
past 1 1/3 years. I grew my own medication, obtaining my edibles via 
caregiver. I am careful to abide by state law, and thought myself 
protected from harassment after President Obama promised to protect 
cannabis patients abiding by state law. I lived peacefully and 
thanked God daily for giving me my life back with this non-lethal, 
non-addictive herb.

On March 14 emails flooded in: Feds raiding medical cannabis 
facilities, regardless of state law compliance.

Apparently the federal government had come to influence an important 
vote in our Legislature. The raids commenced within the hour of the 
committee deadlocking the vote to repeal medical cannabis. I 
panicked. If they were persecuting the producers of my medication, 
they would persecute the patients next.

I have lost a great deal from the federal raids. I've lost faith in 
my President and democracy. Some legislators knew of or encouraged 
the raids, despite "hearing" testimony from the sickest people in 
their state. I lost sleep and my crop due to fear.

I lost hope in this state's government. Our representatives 
encouraged the feds to put guns to the heads of the innocent and ill 
while encouraging the corruption of the democratic process! Where is 
hope when decisions such as this are based on faith, not science?

We educated our lawmakers so they might craft just laws. Ignoring us, 
they've gifted us with a real treasure: a fire in our hearts to put 
an end to the drug war. I've gained a renewed vigor and dedication to 
stop these atrocities, because I have seen first-hand how wrong our 
government is on this issue.

I've experienced the far-reaching damage inflicted upon our own 
citizens by this futile war. It's abhorrent.

Thanks, DEA. You haven't silenced us ... you've just made us more 
determined than ever to achieve federal drug policy reform.

Sarah Baugh

8230 Green Meadow Dr

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