Pubdate: Thu, 09 Jun 2011
Source: Bolton News, The (UK)
Copyright: 2011 Newsquest Media Group
Author: Alun Buffry


I WRITE with dismay after reading that ex-teacher Alan Taylor has 
been punished twice for the same offences ("Cannabis Offences Teacher 
is Reprimanded by Panel", The Bolton News, June 7) Mr Taylor, having 
been convicted of cannabis offences and punished by the courts, has 
now been "reprimanded" ("given a two-year reprimand") by the General 
Teaching Council despite them saying they had no evidence that it had 
a direct affect on his teaching.

Chairman Aaron King stated: "All teachers are role models and we have 
heard that you are a good teacher. That such offences have been 
committed by you could well have an effect upon pupils' perception of 
the risks associated with drugs and undermine other teaching in a 
school to the contrary."

So Mr Taylor was a good teacher, his cannabis offences had no direct 
effect on his teaching, yet he is being punished for a second time 
(double jeopardy).

In any case, any affect on pupils would disappear after two years.

Any teacher consuming alcohol nightly to excess and which had no 
effect on his teaching would be left alone.

There is something very wrong there.

Alun Buffry Norwich
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