Pubdate: Wed, 06 Jul 2011
Source: Albany Democrat-Herald (OR)
Copyright: 2011 Lee Enterprises
Author: Rhea Graham


Marijuana is a medicine; it is not the horrible monster you have been
led to believe. We have been lied to since the 1930's. Get the facts!

This medicine is a gift that we are withholding from our people while
forcing patients to get it on the black market and putting fear in the
hearts of our people because of willful misinformation.

It is time to do a 180 and then move forward. Our government can admit
they have lied for years in the name of big money and can cut all ties
with it and we can change our ways back to having marijuana and hemp
in our lives to make medicine, paper, rope, fabric, oil, and the like
and get the United States of America back on her feet.

How many years have we had numerous fundraisers for cancer research
across the nation? Who is that funding, exactly? When will we be
allowed to have fundraisers for medical marijuana that will fund
legitimate research into the cure of cancer and the health of our nation?

Thank you for your common sense approach to the situation at the LB
Resource Center. They are not a dispensary; therefore they are not
breaking the law.

They are educating the public to smokeless ways of ingesting marijuana
by vaporizing it, infusing it into various oils, glycerin, honey, and
more -- and how it can be properly washed before it is infused. It
seems to me that the "value added" to our community would trump any
zoning infraction that may have occurred.

Hopefully the powers that be can see fit to give the young lady that's
running the place a break; wait six months and see if the location
causes any problems.

Perhaps neighboring property owners could write and give their opinion
on their new neighbor's business venture. Are they disturbing your
peace or operations? With everything going on, the center's weekday
hours are evolving, so check for the latest happenings
and changes.

Rhea Graham,

Albany (June 28)
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