Pubdate: Tue, 12 Jul 2011
Source: Comox Valley Echo (CN BC)
Copyright: 2011 Comox Valley Echo
Author: Ernie Yacub


Why would Courtenay city council automatically approve an additional
$200,000 for RCMP policing when just a scant few months ago they
reported to council that crime rates have been dropping dramatically,
not just in the Comox Valley but across the country over the last 10
years? Shouldn't governments be cutting the police budget? I don't
think busting the North Island Compassion Club and "cleaning up"
Cumberland right after the RCMP report to council did much to boost
the numbers.

Perhaps they are anticipating the tough new laws that the Harper
government is going to enact this fall, complete with mandatory
minimum sentences for victimless crimes like growing cannabis
marijuana, a weed that has been growing wild all over the world for
millenia. Your sons and daughters will be filling those brand new
prisons Harper announced before the election, for a mere $10 billion.
When Stockwell Day was asked who the prisons were for, he said they
were for "unreported crimes". Care to guess what he meant?

I don't think creating criminals is going to provide the cover they
need for the new police state since the numbers will continue to
decline mainly because almost everybody has instant communication and
cameras with them wherever they go.

PS - There is growing evidence that cannabis marijuana cures cacer.
Maybe the RCMP brass should spend their promo money on a ride for
cannabis instead of a ride for cancer.

Ernie Yacub 


PPS - There is a more suitable location for the homeless shelter, as
close to Courtenay town centre as the current site and much more
pleasant being right next to a park. Build it where the new cop shop
is slated to go, on the old Courtenay Junior school land that the city
also owns. Better yet, make it a comprehensive development that
includes retail, offices, workshops, mixed affordable car-less
accommodation, and a homeless shelter. Got that? Car free.
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