Pubdate: Fri, 05 Aug 2011
Source: Montana Standard (Butte, MT)
Copyright: 2011 Montana Standard
Author: Jacques Boulet


I am incensed with the real issues surrounding true value of medical
marijuana Rx and the abuse of youth whose excuse is "I need to smoke
pot, so I don't have to work."

I have but one good hip, seven good discs, I am hyperlipidemic and
chronic pancreatic and diabetic. I get up everyday and get to it and
support my family and community and personal business as best a
chronically ill and disabled man may.

Limited as I am, I will stand to any round muscle who tries to spunk
on my family or game. I have litigated in the Federal Court of Canada
alone for a number of months now because they said I can't.

I am the first Canadian ever to be recognized as a free non resident
citizen/ medical marijuana patient thanks to the recognition of the
Montana people first for our family's medical needs and difficulties,
because good people stood up.

With the application and question seized by justice in the interest of
justice I will not discontinue because of the "true" reasons for
medical marijuana justice in America; that is individual freedom and
security, and such without discrimination from the freedom to work and
make a living, to move freely and enjoy my life with respect to the
same for others.

To those who have not shown up because of your sincere disability: you
are a depressing reality of your generational standard of personal
excess and lack of initiative to help either yourself first or perhaps
someone who could not themselves.

We all know 30 people; there it is done five times over. Here is a
real opportunity to do something truly American and stand for freedom
and justice.

Here is an opportunity to help others and your community and to fight
for freedom of speech and the right to vote.

Get it done or get off the pot.

Jacques Boulet

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