Pubdate: Wed, 17 Aug 2011
Source: Kern Valley Sun (CA)
Copyright: 2011 Kern Valley Sun
Author: James Allen


The large scale marijuana grows operating on the outskirts Kern 
County are run by the Mexican drug cartels. The same people who used 
to grow massive amounts of marijuana in our forest destroying our 
forest land. Because of the availability of good quality medically 
grown marijuana the prices have come down considerably. The market 
for their crummy Mexican forest-grown marijuana is no longer there. 
Nobody wants to buy that garbage when you can buy something much 
better for almost as cheap at a pot club. This has driven the Mexican 
cartels out of the forest into the cities and counties where they can 
properly tend to the plants and grow higher quality weed. So they can 
compete with the medically grown stuff, which is currently being 
grown by patients. The new ordnance is not going to hurt the drug 
cartels, in fact, it's going to help them. There will now be less 
medically grown pot and the price will be driven up. It will bring 
back the market for the cheap crummy Mexican forest grown weed. 
Marijuana is California's number one cash crop and no matter what we 
do it always will be, the only thing at question is, do we allow the 
drug cartels to make all the money off of it? Or do we embrace it, 
tax it and make the money for our own impoverish state?

The thing that really gets my goat about all of this the Sheriff 
keeps saying that medical marijuana stores and the grows are all 
about money, and he says it like its a bad thing. My question is when 
did it become bad thing in America to make a profit? If we're gonna 
become a Communist or Socialist state then the government should grow 
it for us and give it to us free. Nobody seems to have a problem with 
the pharmacies and the pharmaceutical companies making enormous profits.

James Allen
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