Pubdate: Tue, 23 Aug 2011
Source: Bakersfield Californian, The (CA)
Copyright: 2011 The Bakersfield Californian
Author: Nancy Johnston


I do not use marijuana nor is any member of my family into the 
illegal drug scene, so perhaps I am naive. However, I don't 
understand why it is preferable for those people dependent on 
marijuana to get their supply through underground sources from 
Mexican drug lords rather than having it grown, regulated, and taxed 
right here in California.

As the former wife of an alcoholic, I know firsthand how substance 
abuse can break up families and ruin lives. Yet California, a major 
wine producer, likes to brag about the quality of its wines.

In addition to the destructive addiction to alcohol, which I think of 
as a legal mind-altering drug, it seems as though the news is full of 
stories of death and disability caused by drunken drivers. In spite 
of that, I have yet to hear of anyone calling for the reinstatement 
of Prohibition.

Nancy Johnston

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