Pubdate: Mon, 03 Oct 2011
Source: Terrace Standard (CN BC)
Copyright: 2011 Terrace Standard
Author: Bob Erb, BC Marijuana Party,


Dear Sir:

Once again the RCMP exaggerate the numbers ("Huge pot seizure results
in charges against local couple," The Terrace Standard, Sept. 21,
2011) in which they claim a seizure of 28 pounds of marijuana is the
equivalent of more than 35,000 joints.

In reality, 28 pounds times 600 joints per pound equals 16,800

Having used marijuana for 43 years, 38 of those years using 10 joints
daily, I've probably rolled well in excess of 150,000 joints.

I know numerous medical users and hundreds of regular mature

The normal amount the majority use is one-quarter ounce daily, or two
ounces weekly or half a pound monthly.

Twenty-eight pounds would supply about 60 mature users for a month.
This amount is a drop in the bucket considering the thousands of users
in the northwest choosing a safer alternative to relax with other than
alcohol or tobacco.

A recent survey published in the Vancouver Province showed 59 per cent
of BC residents and 56 per cent of Canadians in total are in favour of

The same poll showed 39 per cent were against legalization.

It's about time gutless politicians start listening to the majority of
their constituents and support legalization of marijuana under
government control, much like alcohol and tobacco are. And raise the
age for alcohol, tobacco and marijuana consumption to 21 years, when
the human body is fully mature.

It's also interesting to note the national NDP platform has since 1978
included legalization of marijuana if elected.

Perhaps this and Jack Layton 's endorsement of decriminalization
through his association with the BC Marijuana Party helped contribute
to the NDP's success at the polls this spring.

Bob Erb

BC Marijuana Party

Terrace, BC
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