Pubdate: Mon, 26 Dec 2011
Source: Lincoln Journal Star (NE)
Copyright: 2011 Lincoln Journal Star
Author: Len Schropfer


It's time for a little clarification on the initiative petition to 
end the hemp/cannabis/marijuana prohibition in Nebraska. Nebraska's 
Proposition 19 is a proposal to add Article XIX to the Nebraska 
Constitution that would remove all penalties for the private 
noncommercial use of cannabis and that calls on the Nebraska 
Legislature to enact a fair and equitable method of taxation and 
regulation for commercial growing and consumption -- like alcohol, 
tobacco or corn.

To get on the November 2012 Nebraska ballot, we need signatures of 10 
percent of the registered Nebraska voters at the time we turn in our 
petition to the secretary of state on July 6, 2012. That must include 
5 percent of the registered voters in 38 different Nebraska counties. 
Quite a requirement. But we don't need a vote of the Legislature or 
the governor's signature to end this misguided prohibition -- only a 
vote of the people. There has been no amendment to the U.S. 
Constitution as there had to be with alcohol.

By now, in spite of many years of propaganda, more and more people, 
including law enforcement and politicians, know the truth about hemp: 
It clearly does not belong on the controlled substances list.

Nebraska can truly lead again by ending the hemp prohibition. It's a 
wonderful drought-resistant crop, and a new Nebraska industry can 
thrive: hemp ethanol, twine, canvas, etc.

I urge people not to be afraid to sign the Prop 19 petition. If they 
are not already registered voters, they can sign and have until July 
6, 2012, to get registered. We are volunteer circulators -- truly grass-roots.

Len Schropfer, Milligan
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