Pubdate: Thu, 29 Dec 2011
Source: Reno News & Review (NV)
Copyright: 2011 Michael J. Dee
Author: Michael J. Dee


Re "Is Obama in control?" (Editorial, Dec. 22):

Obama could be in control of the marijuana problem by upholding the
rule of law, the Constitution of the United States. The marijuana laws
impinge upon fundamental rights, a justiciable controversy under
Article III.

Criminalizing marijuana because marijuana has no medicinal use is
unreasonable and unnecessary regulations of my fundamental rights to
liberty, to property and to privacy. Marijuana and the private use of
this property does not threaten the rights of others. Who have
presidents been afraid of? National police?

Classifying marijuana as a controlled substance is arbitrary and
violates due process. There are three criteria classifying drugs into
five schedules: potential for abuse, medicinal use and safety of use.
What determines medicinal use is safety of use. Marijuana is safe to
use without medical supervision:

Michael J. Dee

Windham, Maine
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