Pubdate: Fri, 30 Dec 2011
Source: Bay City Times, The (MI)
Copyright: 2011 The Bay City Times
Author: Greg Francisco


Letter writer Goldie Wood believes, =93Medical
Marijuana in Michigan is a Mess.=94 That's her own
opinion, and she is welcome to it. She is not
entitled to manufacture her own facts to support that opinion.

Using a mishmash of factoids, fantasy and
disconnected drug war talking points, Wood
engages in typical Reefer Madness obfuscation
before resorting to the last refuge of scoundrels
=AD an appeal to save the children. As if cannabis
prohibition actually protects children.

Don't be hoodwinked by Wood=92s humbug. The
Michigan Medical Marijuana Act is working exactly
the way it was intended. Tens of thousands of
responsible and law-abiding adults are able to
use the natural medicine they have found most
helpful without having to fear arrest and ruination.

Following passage of the Medical Marijuana Act,
sales moved from the streets and neighborhoods
into well-lit, safe, taxpaying businesses. Or at
least they did until Attorney General Bill
Schuette closed them down and forced buyers and
sellers into streets and the black market again.
Talk about stimulating crime! Legalize, regulate,
tax, control. There is a better way.

Voice: Greg Francisco
Paw Paw
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