Pubdate: Thu, 05 Jan 2012
Source: East Valley Tribune (AZ)
Copyright: 2012 East Valley Tribune.
Author: Jay Bergstrom


I'm glad this new year for a couple of things; that Bill Richardson 
is retired, and the fact that I never have to drive through Mesa.

The drug warrior mentality espoused in his op-ed (Tempe must try to 
cut off drug cartel tentacles, Dec. 29) needs to be retired as well.

Decades along, many lives and a trillion dollars have been invested 
in his way. The return on our investment? Drugs of all stripes are 
more available, more powerful, more affordable, for all in our 
society who would wish. Respect for law has been diminished. We are 
obviously, yet obliviously, on the wrong path.

The other path doesn't have to be called legalization. We can declare 
it to be reform, regulation, education, and taxation. Look at what 
happened with tobacco use over the same period.

The current path apparently will not get us to the promised land. It 
is diminishing the general welfare.

I have a soft spot for cops and nurses, I feel personally that their 
initial passion is to help the herd along. So Bill, it's not personal.

Jay Bergstrom

Forest Ranch, Calif.
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