Pubdate: Thu, 05 Jan 2012
Source: Tucson Weekly (AZ)
Copyright: 2012 Michael Dee
Author: Michael Dee


The proscription of marijuana because it has no medicinal use is an
unreasonable and unnecessary regulation of my fundamental rights to
privacy, to liberty and to property, and contravenes the Fourth, Fifth
and 14th Amendments ("Off Schedule," Medical MJ, Dec. 8). For
marijuana laws to be reasonable and necessary, there must be a victim
who has suffered injury to their rights. The private use of marijuana
by an adult does not threaten the rights of others.

The proscription of marijuana is property discrimination and
deprivation of rights under the color of law, without due process of

Due process applies not only to the reasonable operation of law, but
also the reasonableness of the law.

Michael Dee
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