Pubdate: Thu, 26 Jan 2012
Source: Fernie Free Press (CN BC)
Copyright: 2012 Black Press
Author: Valerie McKone


Regarding the federal government's Omnibus Bill, you gotta be kidding

I am a grateful medicinal marijuana user. It is my understanding that
my suppliers at my compassion club face more criminal ( and lengthy )
criminal charges than a child molester. How can this be? Is this
really true? Perhaps I am misinformed?

If this is true what I would like to know is this. Is the government
totally ignorant? We in BC and other provinces cannot accept and will
not accept that this bill is passed by less than empathetic and
ignorant people who control the masses. By ignorant I mean lack of
education and awareness.

I, and we, are many. The disabled, the sick, the harmless are being
forced to live labeled and fearful lives due to stupidity and lack of
knowledge. Would or could you walk a day in my shoes with
fibromyalgia? I doubt it, because I don't always walk a day in my
shoes. I am bed ridden and shut in a lot of the time partly due to
prescribed medications which do nothing but make me unproductive,
miserable and lonely. The use of medicinal cannabis helps me to eat,
aids me in sleep and routine and, most importantly of all, reduces my
pain level to a tolerable level where I can function, and still be a
productive Canadian citizen.

It's all about pride, dignity and respect. I have the right to fight
for my health. I have the right to buy my medicine in a safe and
controlled environment. I have the right to privacy which is now being
invaded by this bill.

I could sit here and take the beating this bill will endow me with,
but many in my situation do not have the voice or the means to voice
an opinion. I have nothing to lose but my life due to suicide when I
can no longer handle the pain. I have lived that way for many years,
always near the edge of death.

I will continue to make my voice and concerns known publicly and at
home. I will continue to fight for my rights and for those of us who
suffer enough of a stigma due to our disabilities. I will continue to
voice my opinion in the hopes that the government will hear me and
reconsider the harm they will be doing by constantly turning a deaf
ear to those of us who wish to be heard.

I have made a public testimony for my compassion club which states
that I am willing to do one to seven days in jail as a representative
of the people who run the risks involved in making my life more bearable.

Valerie McKone

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