Pubdate: Thu, 02 Feb 2012
Source: Winnipeg Sun (CN MB)
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Author: Wayne Phillips


Re: 'Drug scourge takes its toll,' Jan. 27.

The RCMP should realize that when they're saying it's "probably just
the tip of the iceberg" what they are saying, in effect, is they're
only eliminating rival dealers' competition. The scourge of drug
prohibition is so entrenched in the 21st century that it has become,
essentially, the (un)necessary evil for providing platforms for
politicians and making work for enforcement.

Drug prohibition consigned Lori Davis' son to a life of criminality as
well as his untimely and horrific demise, and apparently nobody -- not
politicians, the RCMP, or the coroner's office, or, for that matter,
media -- had the decency or courtesy to level with her about it.
Instead, she and her son are used by the RCMP as the poster child for
reinforcing the very thing that is not only responsible for Chad's
demise, but also the devastation which is hobbling Canada and media
chooses to go along. Unbelievable!

Just how many more Chads will have to happen before anything is

Wayne Phillips

What have you been smoking? The last thing we need is the legalization
of all recreational drugs. 
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