Pubdate: Wed, 08 Feb 2012
Source: East Bay Express (CA)
Copyright: 2012 East Bay Express
Author: Robert Sharpe


Mexican drug cartels are no doubt thrilled with the Obama 
administration's crackdown on voter-approved medical marijuana 
dispensaries. So much for change and 2008 campaign promises to 
respect states' rights. So much for jobs. The medical marijuana 
industry is one of the few job creators in the current down economy. 
If Obama succeeds in destroying the domestic medical marijuana 
industry, international drug cartels will move in to meet demand and 
reap the profits. This is basic economics. As long as there is demand 
for marijuana, there will be supply. Replacing domestic growers with 
organized crime groups that also sell cocaine, meth, and heroin is 
not a good thing. Marijuana prohibition is a gateway drug policy.

Robert Sharpe

Policy Analyst, Common Sense for Drug Policy
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