Pubdate: Wed, 22 Feb 2012
Source: Ottumwa Courier, The (IA)
Copyright: 2012 Ottumwa Courier
Author: Marie Smallow


FAIRFIELD - First, let me introduce myself. My name is Marie Smallow. 
I'm 59 years old and if you were to meet me, you would probably 
describe me as "grandmotherly." I have been suffering with pain and 
discomfort for the past 30 years due to a chronic progressive 
neurological condition commonly known as Multiple Sclerosis.

I'm writing to you today to argue for the legalization of Medical 
Cannabis. Of course this can only be obtained with a doctor's 
prescription. If you're wondering why I wouldn't just take a 
prescription painkiller, the reason is that I do not want to become 
addicted to anything like OxyContin.

There are 15 other states that have legalized medical marijuana, plus 
the District of Columbia.

Way back in the 1980s when Ronald Reagan was president, he called for 
an investigation into the negative effects of marijuana. A group of 
scientists conducted experiments on monkeys. Masks were placed in the 
monkeys faces over their mouths and marijuana smoke was directed at 
them. The monkeys died because they smothered. Shortly after the 
experiments were completed, President Reagan announced to the American 
people that marijuana was extremely dangerous. Apparently he did not 
read the entire report. At the end of the report, the scientists 
stated that it would take the equivalent of 60 pounds of marijuana 
smoked within the period of one hour for a human to die from marijuana use.

If the government feels that there is no positive effects from the use 
of marijuana, then why would they would allow pharmaceutical companies 
to make a synthetic form of marijuana called Marinol. The only reason 
may be because the drug companies cannot get a patent on marijuana and 
therefore make no money. However, they have patented Marinol and 
obviously make money on that or they wouldn't be producing and marketing it.

By the way, you wouldn't have to worry about people like me driving 
under the influence because I am paralyzed 100 percent from the neck down. 

Marie Smallow

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