Pubdate: Mon, 27 Feb 2012
Source: Vancouver Sun (CN BC)
Copyright: 2012 The Vancouver Sun
Author: Ross Greenwood


Re: Fighting the war against the war on drugs ... late in the day, 
Column, Feb. 16

Perhaps Pete McMartin could have taken an approach more focused on 
substance of thought and the limitations of office, rather than on 
the errant notion that complex issues can be addressed and resolved 

At least as long ago as the early 1990s, there was concern, as 
expressed by then- attorney general Colin Gabelmann, that the war on 
drugs was already an "expensive failure."

Concerns continued to arise during the terms of three subsequent A- 
Gs spanning the years 1995 through 2005 - Ujjal Dosanjh, Graeme 
Bowbrick, and Geoff Plant.

Now all four have spoken out in an open letter to Christy Clark and 
Adrian Dix, voicing support for the legalization of marijuana.

The four cite reduction of violence, especially gang-related 
violence, increased capacity to educate and regulate use among youth 
( much as we do with alcohol), increased community safety, and 
economic benefits to taxpayers, as being among the reasonably 
expected benefits of legalization.

The strong parallel they draw between our current approach 
("prohibition") and the demonstrably failed and costly ( alcohol) 
prohibition era in the United States points up the need to revisit 
and change our laws.

It's heartening to know that four "graduate" attorneys-general, from 
different parties, have not only learned from their experiences, but 
have the personal courage, drive, and commitment to take their views 
public and support them.

Now that they can speak as individuals unfettered by the need to 
speak as holders and representatives of a key office, they are doing 
so, and should be applauded.

Ross Greenwood

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