Pubdate: Mon, 27 Feb 2012
Source: Vancouver Sun (CN BC)
Copyright: 2012 The Vancouver Sun
Author: Michael Wade


Finally! Congratulations to the former A- Gs for acknowledging ( even 
if they did it from the sidelines) the elephant in the room!

It is obvious that we are losing the war on drugs and if we are 
losing, the gangsters are winning, reminiscent of the prohibition 
fiasco of the 1930s in the U. S.

Legalizing the sale of marijuana ( which is no more dangerous than 
tobacco or liquor) would be a bold and exciting innovation in the 
distribution of this much-maligned plant.

It could be distributed from the already established LCLB stores and 
taxed to the hilt as are cigarettes and liquor.

While we are at it, restrict the sale of cigarettes to LCLB stores as well.

We are aware of the toll of alcohol and cigarette addiction on the 
health of Canadians and restricting the sale to state-controlled 
outlets might be a reminder of how dangerous they are.

I stopped smoking and drinking many years ago and a "sobering" 
thought occurred to me that if I had continued on my path of use of 
these "legal" drugs, I would now be very sick, or dead.

The next step in the right direction would be to consider drug 
addicts as being sick and in need of medical attention, not incarceration.

The money spent on the senseless "cat and mouse" game played between 
addicts, organized criminals and members of the justice system could 
be spent on helping victims of drug abuse to recover from their 
addiction and lead productive lives.

Michael Wade

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