Pubdate: Mon, 27 Feb 2012
Source: Vancouver Sun (CN BC)
Copyright: 2012 The Vancouver Sun
Author: John de Couto


Re: Fighting the war against the war on drugs ... late in the day, 
Column, Feb. 16

I agree most times with what Pete Mcmartin states, but this time, I 
have to disagree with his stance turning thumbs down on what the four 
former attorneys-general said on legalization of marijuana while in office.

The old saying to the effect of holding your peace unless one walks 
in the other's shoes applies here, in my opinion.

There is granted some political posturing "after the fact," but we 
are talking politics that get in the way of progress, which so often 
does and should not come as a surprise.

I do understand when one is in a political position one is very often 
constrained by what the particular party you belong to has to say. 
The balancing of what the party states and what one individually 
feels on any issue is often a tough balancing act.

Regardless, it is now history, and it would be more fruitful to join 
the increasing chorus of the more enlightened population urging the 
said legalization.

Progress in this area can only come about in due time, and now for 
these four being able to speak out with more objectivity and 
independence only comes by when one is so disengaged.

We should all keep pushing and giving our support no matter which 
quarter this arises to get more sense and sensibility to an issue long overdue.

To be truthful, I know of many in the general population who still 
hesitate on the science, and are more conservatively holding out to 
prohibition despite the mounting evidence, which to me has already 
been well established.

Throwing the stone of "bravery lacking" needs to be paused, for it is 
always easier to criticize from the comfort of an easy chair, and not 
in the thick of action. As for me, I have been squarely behind the 
science that states now that prohibition has been an abysmal failure.

John de Couto

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