Pubdate: Mon, 27 Feb 2012
Source: Alberni Valley Times (CN BC) 
Copyright: 2012 Alberni Valley Times 
Author: Bruce Symington


Re: "Don't legalize marijuana," (Alberni Valley Times, Feb. 20)

In the letter by Barry Gaetz, he states his opposition to the
legalization of cannabis. He gives several supporting reasons for his

The question I would like to ask Mr. Gaetz is this...if the reasons you
have given are shown to be incorrect, would you change your position
and back legalization? I ask this question because many
prohibitionists will not change their minds even when the reasons for
their position are shown to be incorrect.

There is nothing so sad as a closed-mind, none so blind as he who will
not see, none so deaf as he who will not hear. 

If you are open to examination of the facts and the theories of both 
sides of this discussion, you will quickly find that the 
prohibitionist position is based on hyperbole, ideology and not much 
more, whereas the pro freedom side is based on facts, studies, logic 
and understanding.

Go to and for more
information than you ever thought existed. You will find that every
one of your supporting arguments is bunk. You have been lied to and
believed it. That is not shameful, it happens to all of us.

While you are at it, look up some of the other lies and become more
informed. If, after researching this information, you are still a
prohibitionist, then sadly your mind is closed, your eyes squinted
shut and your fingers forced deeply into your ears.

Bruce Symington

Medicine Hat, Alberta
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