Pubdate: Thu, 08 Mar 2012
Source: Eugene Weekly (OR)
Copyright: 2012 Eugene Weekly
Author: Jim Greig


Recently the governors of Washington, Rhode Island and Colorado
petitioned the Drug Enforcement Agency to reschedule cannabis to
Schedule II. So far Gov. Kitzhaber has yet to join this bicoastal effort.

Our governor has drug policy schizophrenia - supporting both the
National Governors' Association policy of encouraging federal drug
enforcement and the Western Governors' Association resolution that
states should make drug policy - not Uncle Sam.

Joining the three governors' petition is a no-brainer!

Oregon's Board of Pharmacy reclassified cannabis to Schedule II in
2010. The nation's largest doctors' group, the American Medical
Association (AMA) has called for cannabis rescheduling, and in 2008
the American College of Physicians called for a review of cannabis's
Schedule I classification.

If the governor needs help overcoming his reluctance, I'll bet the
state's 87,000 medical marijuana cardholders will be glad to help.

As a medical doctor, our governor should be ashamed.

Jim Greig, Eugene
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