Pubdate: Wed, 14 Mar 2012
Source: Sooke News Mirror (CN BC)
Copyright: 2012 Sooke News Mirror
Author: Bruce Symington


I congratulate you for publishing the incoherent letter from Ted 
Dever in the Mar. 7 edition. In addition to making a series of 
startling assertions which I have never heard before, he cited the 
work of "World renown (sic) Dr. Daniel G. Amen" as his ultimate 
authority. I looked up this supposed expert on Wikipedia, and found a 
litany of skepticism of his 'results' claimed, pointing out correctly 
that there is no scientific basis for his conclusions. In other 
words, he is a fraud and a humbug. I also note that of Amen's 28 
books, among which are weight loss books and books on enhancing self 
esteem, not one had a title covering this subject.

Mr. Dever, please avail yourself of the truth and the science before 
you make such absurd assertions. I suggest 
or You might also read the results of the 
Schaffer, Le Daine and the Nolin commissions, all of which have come 
to conclusions directly opposite your position. These studies were 
carried out by true scientists and unbiased educated people, not 
frauds and humbugs.

I assert that you and "Dr." Amen are wrong, and the scientists who 
have carried out the proper studies, you know, the ones that can be 
replicated by others and arrive at the same results, are correct. By 
publishing this tripe, the Sooke News Mirror has done us all a 
service by providing an opportunity for those of us who are aware of 
the truth, to help spread it.

Of course, if your mind is already made up you won't be confused by 
these pesky facts, will you Mr. Dever?

Bruce Symington

Medicine Hat

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