Pubdate: Thu, 22 Mar 2012
Source: Chico Enterprise-Record (CA)
Copyright: 2012 Chico Enterprise-Record
Author: Dale Rasmussen


The California medical marijuana dispensary experiment is defunct. The
purportedly kinder and gentler feds now proclaim that "federal law
must prevail." Common wisdom dictates that the medical pot community
must patiently wait for the U.S. law to change. But perhaps not.

What if the Proposition 215 believers took a page from the playbook of
Gandhi and MLK? What if they set up peaceful encampments on the White
House lawn and the Capitol Mall in Washington, D.C.? What if they
"occupied" medical marijuana?

The skeptics will retort that patients and supporters would risk
attacks by police dogs, batons and pepper spray.

Personally, I don't think America would tolerate that.

- - Dale Rasmussen, Chico
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