Pubdate: Thu, 19 Apr 2012
Source: Chico News & Review, The (CA)
Copyright: 2012 Chico Community Publishing, Inc.
Author: Jessica Allen


Once again, we get to exercise our democratic freedom and decide on a 
matter of legislative policy. On Tuesday, June 5, voters who reside 
in Butte County will be asked the question, "Shall the Medical 
Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance, Ordinance Number 4029, be adopted?" 
If passed, there will be no medical marijuana allowed on less than 
0.5 acres in Butte County.

What about the lawful patient who wants to grow a few plants on a 
third of an acre? Under the proposed law, the maximum acreage 
required to grow 99 plants is 160 acres. Are we trying to create a 
monopoly for rich landowners and force all the little people to buy 
their medicine from them? And if six plants could go on 0.5 acres, 
wouldn't it take roughly 50 acres to grow 99 plants?

The Board of Supervisors needs to work on developing a more 
reasonable ordinance that is less likely to be challenged in court. 
How can we make criminals of lawful citizens when we can't even fund 
our courts and jails? Vote No on Measure A.

Jessica Allen

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