Pubdate: Tue, 24 Apr 2012
Source: San Diego Union Tribune (CA)
Copyright: 2012 Jim Gabrisch
Author: Jim Gabrisch
Note: PUB LTE 1 of 3


In response to "Still more reefer madness" (Editorial, April 22):
There you go again. This seems to be an update on your March 3
editorial ["Marijuana: wrong fight in wrong place"] putting forth the
same proposition (that marijuana legalization must start at the
federal level). Ain't gonna happen, folks.

The "big five" anti-marijuana orgs -- police and prison guards unions,
the pharmaceutical, liquor and private prison industries -- are
actively lobbying (and donating to "campaign funds") to insure that
"their" politicians work to keep cannabis illegal. It's their rice
bowl; they'd all lose a lot of money and many would be out of jobs if
it were legal. The government itself owns a patent on the treatment of
neuropathy using cannabis. They certainly wouldn't want any
competition there. The "will of the people," which is quite
pro-legalization nationwide, does not matter to them.

Sure, AB 2312 is imperfect; parts of it can be changed. But the states
have to start somewhere. The states have to be the driving force
behind legalization. The federal government has no interest, and is
actively against it.

And to Jan Goldsmith's "Unbelievable. We can't cooperate with the FBI
and DEA in enforcing federal laws? Absolutely correct, sir! As
happened during alcohol prohibition, the states refused to enforce
federal law, or use local police to bust up stills. Then change happened.

- -- Jim Gabrisch, Tierrasanta
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