Pubdate: Fri, 15 Jun 2012
Source: Parksville Qualicum Beach News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2012 Black Press
Author: Cory Pahl


When I read about the big pot bust in Errington (The News, June 12), 
and I wondered why? I know the answer though, because it's illegal. 
But is it? Or rather, even if it is, should the law be enforced?

When so many use it medically for a growing number of diseases and 
conditions, how do we really know that some people weren't actually 
depending on that crop of marijuana for their medicine?

Please forgive my trepidation, but as Bob Dylan said, the times, they 
are a-changing, and this bust seems like a waste on multiple levels, 
including the enforcement costs, court costs and a waste of what may 
have been someone's medicine.

I recently saw that a doctor in California is recommending that his 
patients eat fresh cannabis buds and flowers to help prevent a host 
of cardiovascular, neurological and digestive issues. Well, I would 
think 5,000 cannabis plants could prevent a lot of strokes in our 
area, neurovascular diseases are a major cause of premature aging and 

Let's get serious about the significant damage that cannabis 
prohibition is causing to our health. And besides that, we all depend 
on the farmers in Errington for our eggs and vegetables, so let's not 
punish their compatriots for growing their own natural medicine, of 
which we are in need now more than ever.

This doesn't even mention the anti-cancer potential of marijuana that 
is currently under study.

Cory Pahl

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