Pubdate: Thu, 28 Jun 2012
Source: Detroit Free Press (MI)
Copyright: 2012 Detroit Free Press
Author: Brad Forrester


Why do so many media outlets allow reporters to provide news and 
commentary about cannabis and those who freely choose to consume it 
with such a derogatory tone? A quick Google search for "pothead," 
"stoner," "synthetic marijuana" and other demeaning references yields 
millions of pages that make condescending remarks about cannabis consumers.

Many of these "trusted sources" are eager to depict people who like 
cannabis as some sort of degenerates or criminals who live on the 
fringes of society. There are enough states now that have enacted 
some sort of cannabis reform legislation, medical marijuana or 
decriminalization that we are a swelling minority group, not the 
"fringe element."

Can you not evolve enough to consider that cannabis consumers are 
first and foremost human beings who did nothing to you personally to 
deserve your quips? Additionally, we are now a sizable minority group 
in this country and state, and we've had to endure a constant barrage 
of cultural stigmatization simply because of who we are. That is no 
longer acceptable, and I call for you to respect our basic human dignity.

Brad Forrester

Local program director Cheboygan County Affiliate of the Michigan 
Chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
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