Pubdate: Fri, 20 Jul 2012
Source: Nelson Star (CN BC)
Copyright: 2012 Black Press
Author: Tobias Jenny


About 5,000 years ago there was a small garden state. The population 
was two, plus one superhuman almighty all-knowing ruler.

There was only one law: the prohibition of consuming the fruit of a 
tree containing mind-altering substances.

As well known history records show, a snake managed to convince the 
entire population to ignore the prohibition ruling and break the law.

The almighty and all-knowing ruler promptly applied minimum mandatory 
sentencing in the form of a life sentence to hard labour in the Gulag 
Earth and banishment from the garden state with no chance for parole.

Considering that one almighty all-knowing ruler could neither avoid a 
single snake from pushing an "illicit" substance nor prevent just two 
people from breaking the law, I consider it arrogant of any mortal 
human being to think he or she can do better than the almighty one.

Let us explore the possibility of a solution that might be more 
successful than prohibition.

Let us, as the majority of Nelson city council agreed, support Stop 
the Violence BC, whose platform appears to be based on solid and 
fact-based research.

Tobias Jenny,

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